Thanks Dad

I was sure that I’d beat the Fathers Day rush of blog posts since I publish my post on a Saturday, but no, I’ve been reading posts all week.  Some good ones too like this one by Angie to her TV Dads – it’s pretty funny.

I’m lucky because I get to spend this Fathers Day with mine for the first time in a long time and I am reminded of the things he has taught me.   Like the value of sport and exercise and I have a vision of Dad flying over a fence as he tried to catch a tennis ball one of us kids had thrown to him.  Having sailed over the fence however the level of the ground on the other side was much lower.

“You OK Dad?” we asked as the lot of us looked over the fence and down at him.   Maybe not the best example to follow but I have a love of the outdoors thanks to him.

Dad also taught us to speak our minds and has embarrassed me numerous times with his outrageous and sometimes downright rude comments.  Hmmm…maybe the tact came from my mother?

Taking the high moral road was a big thing for him too.  He left a job in the bank when a politician decided to tell Dad who to give loans to despite it going against all banking policies.  Not only did that decision change his life but all of ours as well – but that’s a story for another day.

There was fun and discipline, good times and hard times, and through it all I’ve been blessed to have a father who has supported me, loved me and been around all my life.

I wish him and all other fathers in the world a wonderful day.

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